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3 Signs Your Company Is Doing Good in Sales

1. Your marketing leads are exactly the same as your sales leads

There’s an easy test that 9 out of 10 times goes wrong. Or well. It goes well to me, cause it sort of starts the process of figuring out where the company’s at, but wrong because the outcome is not what the participants expect while they already think they’re really good in sales.

In the beginning of starting to consult on my client’s sales or marketing organisation, I ask the heads of the respective departments to write down what a perfect lead looks like.

When the respective people then present their “perfect” lead to the rest of the participants, there is ALWAYS a huge difference.

This is an exercise you can do today and it won’t take long. If the definition and the criteria are the same for everyone – perfect, move on. If it’s different – you obviously need to take the conversation further.

2. You have people who are dedicated to supporting sales

As I mentioned in
Sales Enablement – Why You Should Have A Team To Support Your Sales, 1 person can’t do it all.

If sales bring in majority of your revenue, then that’s the department you want to be constantly improving. And if there is no focus there, it’s one of the biggest sales mistakes companies do.

A sales rep doesn’t have the time to personalise, create content, be digitally present and constantly train while looking for new clients and attending meetings is also their priority.

At the same time they need to valuably follow up (read more on it at “9 Ways To Follow Up, Stand Out And Provide Value”) AND be closing deals.

You need to have a team/a person or a whole department if you have the capacity, to have them focus.  They will find ways to support the sales reps, while then sales can focus on what they’re best at – meeting, negotiating and closing deals. Being good in sales, exactly what they’re there to do.

It can be that marketing might take some of the responsibilities or fully established Sales Enablement people. But Sales should not do it all on their own.

3. Your marketing and sales teams have a tight bond and work together

Obviously, if you got hiccups after the 1st one, this is not the reality.

Your marketing and sales departments will be at their peak performance once they are working together and there’s no way to go around it.

If your marketing and sales people constantly have lunch, discuss how can they cooperate better, know each other’s targets – that’s a good sign.

If they also ask each other’s advice and not only give orders, have the same vision in terms of leads and approaches to clients – you’re free to go and focus on something else.

If it sounds complicated and you are already having flashbacks of how your chief of sales is rolling their eyes when talking about marketing, then you might need to read “How to Align Marketing and Sales”.

What do I do if this is not my reality?

Dedicating people to focusing on solving sales problems is not that hard, but it might require some planning for it to go in the right direction.

I strongly advise you to read Sales Enablement – why you should have a team to support sales to understand what steps you can take right now.

However, getting marketing and sales to work as one – that’s a challenge, but that’s what makes you good in sales.

I believe you can start by reading “How To Align Marketing And Sales” .

And if that inspires you, but you feel like you could really get some advice first, talk to me!

Message me on LinkedIn or email me and let’s have a conversation on where your company is at and how I could help you in making the change.

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