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A sales client in panic – what’s the tumble dryer effect?

Tumble-dryer effect what?

You put your laundry in the tumble dryer and what happens next? It comes out all crumpled, but fresh!

That’s how I like my clients. Well shook, but ready to act.

Do you want your client to panic?

Short answer – HELL YES!

But here’s the catch – you want your client to become emotional, but, obviously, you don’t want them to feel like their business is going to fall apart.

That would be some intense manipulation. Unless they need to panic as they’re really screwing it up. Then you do what you got to do.

What you do want though, is to lead your client to understanding that the way they have been doing their business, is a way that will not ever lead them to a state they wish to be in.

How to lead your client to a healthy tumble-dryer state?

1. Shake and challenge their business

A good meeting is the one where you are able to challenge, dig extremely deep and find the core problems of your clients.

Don’t you dare to leave that office before figuring out their issues from start till end.

2. Make them understand their future

Lead them to understanding that the way they work is not going to be sustainable. EVER.

Meaning, if they keep on working the way they have, their work is never going to improve if not going to become dangerously worse.

3. Leave them needing to act

Create a space for an action call. There is a good chance that all the fuss could be solved by your service.

Don’t push it over them, but explain how your product could be a deal changer in their situation.

You can share what could be other options, but we both know that you know how to present yours best.

However, if you can’t TRULY help them now, don’t encourage buying your product.

4. Be an advisor, not another sales rep with no tact

After all, if there’s stuff they need to fix now, there’s a good chance they’ll need your services later. And as you were the initiator of their positive change, they will remember you.

If you truly want to learn how to spark that interest for change

There’s a whole list of qualities you must obtain before you’re able to make the process smooth.

It involves A LOT of hard work. A good place to start would be reading “How To Inspire Your Prospect For A Change”.

I put a lot of good stuff there that could lead you to being a change maker ASAP.

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