I know that I am free of standard, old way of thinking, because the way I work, is bringing me great results.

That is almost the best way to check whether I am stuck or not.

If what I am doing, is bringing me the results that I want, I know that I am doing the things that need to be done exactly right now.

However, the internet is filled with people asking “How do I scale up my business? How do I deliver on my sales quota? Why is it so hard to book meetings?”. Which tells me that everyone actually is NOT up to date.

And I cannot blame them.

How I got rid of the old patterns of thinking

7-8 years ago I was still doing sales like any other sales rep. I was selling IT products, conducting meetings with my clients being all concentrated on what I had to offer and what my company sold (products). I did not feel stuck, but I did not feel like there was a lot of movement happening in how I was working either.

But I did get a push that opened up my mind.

My at that time fiancé, soon to be wife, Emelie, who is a super experienced digital marketer started to challenge me. She started by asking me whether I knew exactly what stage my customer was at a specific time, she was questioning how much time I spent for looking for new leads while seeing that it was not bringing me the augmenting results that I wanted and was pushing me to start to think broader. I was not being efficient nor was I being customer centric!

With the resistance I felt, I still tried to open up to the more digital ways of attracting leads and prospects.

Because Emelie was important to me and because she was asking me strategic questions while I knew I was not being as efficient and smart as I could when reaching new potential clients, I finally started to make small steps towards inbound marketing.

Now I am in the position that other sales reps envy. I get calls from my clients, people know me as someone who connects the best of two worlds and it is because I woke myself up from being stuck. And the big shocker was that digital marketing actually did bring leads, really good ones.

Albert Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Not in personal life, not in business, we will not be getting different results, unless we start changing. Starting to take steps to be more engaged digitally lead me to where I am now.

It does not have to come overnight

The biggest enemy of change is us. Not only that we are lazy to change, but once we decide to, we strive for something that is bigger than what we had been doing for the last five years and once we fail it kills our motivation. We have no patience.

A lot of people feel overwhelmed by inbound marketing because there is so much you can do! And it’s true. However, if you start breaking it down into small actionable steps that start by “contact this person, create a list of these forms, install this platform, etc.” you will start seeing results and the name INBOUND MARKETING wont seem so scary anymore. Because you will know you are already tackling certain parts of it and that you do know the steps.

Nobody thinks of changing a tire as of this insane job, where tires simply appear on your car.

To some it means getting the winter tires out of the garage, taking them to a machine shop. To others it is finding couple of hours on a weekend, getting the car jack, a wrench and taking care of it old school.

The point is, we must break our new ideas into small steps and then they start making sense and seem achievable. The fear starts to step back.


Ask yourself a simple question – are you reaching the results that you wish for today?

There is a very good chance you are not. I am almost even sure that you have an idea of what you should be doing, but you have let fear tell you that it is stupid or that it is surely not going to work.

And that is a sign of being stuck.

We all are knowledgeable and have a pretty good sense of where we need to move, the only challenge now is to actually take that step.

If you answered negatively to the question I just asked, I’m determined you now know what to do!


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