Cold Calling is not the only thing you try to kill with google.

You find a lump on your back, you google extensively about it for days and then you come to the feared conclusion – you have 3 months to live and you are SURE nothing’s going to help you. Go to a doctor? Now that’s just silly. You’re perfectly capable of googling.

People Love To Look For An Easy Way Out

Even after finding a lump on your back, better chances are you’ll dive straight into the pools of Google rather than you’ll go see a doctor.

Same with cold calls – if you don’t want to do it, you’ll google and read all of the articles that have “cold calling is dead/ineffective/old-fashioned/outdated” in their title then proudly forward it to your boss.

After all, this was what you expected from the beginning, so there you go.

New Study Again Shows That Sellers Have A Lot Of Impact On Buyers

A little while ago, RAIN Group Center for Sales Research made a research called “5 Sales Prospecting Myths Debunked” that had 488 buyers and 489 sellers as its participants.

The research broke down 5 common myths in sales and once again proved that some things SIMPLY WORK even if they are uncomfortable to a lot of sales reps.

Cold calling is the topic for the day, but the other 4 claims that have been proved again were just as powerful:

  1. Buyers TRULY WANT to hear from sellers and the best time is very early in the process;
  2. Buyers DO take meetings and sellers have A LOT of impact on what happens after the meeting;
  3. Buyers want to hear about the capabilities of the seller from the seller even if they can find it online;
  4. Chances converting a connection into a sale are bigger when there was a meeting in between;

These four statements were drawn after seeing so many people doubt their possible impact as sales reps, because it is hard to make it all happen.

It Is Proved Again That Cold Calling Is Second Most Effective Path Into A Sale

Next to the 4 myths it broke, the analysis also shows that cold calling is not dead and never has been.

The study showed that 70% of the respondents said cold calling to be the most effective way to make an effective contact. The only method that got a higher 78% was emails.

Nobody ever wants to throw emails away as it requires less determination and skill than calling, therefore this blog post is not about that.

But Why Should I Cold Call If My Company Is Doing Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing can find you a perfect buyer, get them interested and throw their message into your inbox wrapped like a gift. That is true.

However, that is not going to be the case with majority of your leads even if your inbound marketers are doing a great job.

If done REALLY well, Inbound Marketing will tackle the right pool, will get people interested and will draw them to you, however, while it is being done as you are reading this, getting people tackle your inbox themselves is still hard.

People Want Personalised Human Attention

Professionals of inbound marketing personalise the messages, emails and every point of attraction as much as it’s possible, however it’s still not the same as you were talking to a live human being.

Actually, the whole study proved in every single statement that buyers want to be approached, introduced with the seller’s information by real humans and they want the meetings to be as much customised to their reality as possible.

And a cold call is a great way to start that journey of a personal connection, when you know that your lead is potential.

When Is It A Good Time To Call

If your inbound marketing is bringing 90% of the leads and majority are truly good leads, then maybe you can skip cold calling and focus right away on closing. And if you are receiving 90% from inbound you truly are a special breed ☺.

However, as that is really hard to reach, there are occasions when a cold call can give inbound marketing a nudge that will take a long way.

  • If the prospect was interested in their inbound journey, however at some point lost a connection and are no longer being active;
  • If the prospect went through the whole journey but end up not making the contact themselves;
  • If the prospect has reached out, however lost interest on the way;
  • If for some reason you see that inbound marketing is not reaching the specific people that are in your interest;
  • If you’re simply not getting enough of leads or they’re not qualified;

Inbound Marketing Should Bring Majority Of The Leads

I am a preacher when it comes to this message as I see it and live it everyday in my own company.

However, if your organisation has not reached this point yet, don’t sit and wait – FIX IT.

You could be getting enough leads solely from inbound marketing if it was optimised and taken the whole way. And once that happens your sales department can solely focus on closing.

Inbound Marketing bringing majority of the leads should be your company’s goal as it is by far the most resource saving way to bring new business.

If Your Inbound Marketing Is Growing From Northing To More, You Should Cold Call

As your company might still be on the way and the whole process is not yet perfected, this research simply reminds that cold calling is still very much relevant and needed if you want to truly turn your prospect into a sale.

Calling is like a pillow for your prospects while inbound marketing is their blanket. When these two combined – it can be the most powerful strategy there is.

If you want a little update on how to prepare for the cold calls or how to actually do prospecting, look at my article “3 Things You Need To Do When Prospecting”.


No matter how many articles you read online, numbers show that cold calling is relevant to this day and if combined with inbound marketing, it can convert your leads like popcorn, you simply have to pick up the phone and call.

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