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How To Not Be Replaced By AI As A Sales Rep

The best thing about humans is obviously not our logic and smarts, as that can and will be replaced by artificial intelligence, but it is our empathy and capability to connect with other people.

And here is how every sales rep should use it, so we’re never kicked out of the market by AI!

Every single touch point you have with your client CAN and SHOULD be valuable

In my article that I wrote a while back,
9 Ways To Follow Up, Stand Out And Provide Value, I gave 9 examples on how every single interaction with your client could be valuable to them.

It’s no secret that as a sales person, I’m often more interested in hearing back from my prospect/client and so, at least in the beginning, I might be more invested in the relationship than them.

As I don’t want to be annoying or pushy, I make sure that every interaction I have, benefits not only me, but also my client (not in just “they need my service” kind of way). 

Our clients usually receive TONS of approaches and requests, therefore you want to stand out with building them value.

Few examples from “9 Ways To Follow Up, Stand Out And Provide Value”:

  1. Drop your client a connection of someone you know they could find value in connecting with for their own business
  2. Offer help in something you’re competent in, that is not related to the main service you provide
  3. Invite them to a dinner that is also attended by a person you know they’d like to meet 

Do these things and more to make sure that every touch of contact is creating value. That’s how you’ll assure that your client is actually happy to receive another call from you.

What is also worth to remember is that even if your service can’t help them right now, you need to direct them to someone else who can and you will be remembered as someone important in the process!

Your presence and questions have to be crafted with an intention to discover and inspire for change

The topic of change can be tricky, but in
“How To Inspire Your Prospect For A Change” I explained all the steps you need to take in order to learn how to be the change agent in the relationship with your client.

You have to first train yourself to know how to execute change, before you’re able to actually spark the wish and ask the right questions.

Few examples from “How To Inspire Your Prospect For A Change” :

  1. Learn to become comfortable with resistance
  2. Know your topic in and out
  3. Start with the mindset that your client is wrong

Once you actually have the skills to spark change, you must learn how to lead the conversation in a way that would make your prospect remove their shields and actually open up about the core issues they’re facing.

I shared the questions that I most usually use in “Urgency – Are You An Elite Seller?”

It’s not only that these questions spark real conversations and help me identify their problems for which I could later provide solutions, but it also helps me to create urgency around using my services.

When I figure out my client’s deepest issues in their business, I’m then able to assess what their biggest fears are, how can I help, so their fears never become reality AND how I can leverage this to speed up the sales process.

Urgency is making your prospect feel like if they don’t buy your product/service, something really bad is going to happen. You don’t want to manipulate, but you do want to assure that they understand how your service can change their business for the better.

You have to be the mediator between your client’s need and solution

As I wrote in
“My Personal Example Of Creating Urgency”, to get someone from seeing and understanding their problem to buying your service, might not be a straight path.

Sometimes, your questions will open up a gateway right away, other times it will spark interest and will lead your clients to other people. AND THAT’S OKAY.

As long as you did the Steps 1 and 2, created value with every interaction and made sure that your questions have been initiating discoveries and change, you know that your client will have a special place for you at their table.

You can never be replaced if you’re the main advisor of the change their business is taking up.

While coming into the room or at some point during the conversation, you must provide concise steps how to move forward, so your client’s worst fears don’t come true.

Provide a plan, tactics and a potential outcome. If it requires other service providers – great, if they are not ready for your service – it’s okay. 

If you’re creating value by guiding to others – that is fine. As long as you’ve been creating value with every interaction, you are always remembered.

Make sure your solutions are based on data and specific things you found out about their business. Specific, personalised is what you’re aiming for. No generic solution will ever create a recurring client.


Being replaced in an area that requires an intense human connection and understanding, is almost impossible. Unless you do your job as a robot already.

As long as a sales rep is seen as an advisor and change maker – you are safe.

But if you’re not sure if you’re actually seen as one, WORK ON IT. I actually wrote an article “What Is A Trusted Advisor And How Do You Become One” and gives you all the insights you need.

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