Inbound Marketing is a phrase that has been floating around for a while, however, not everyone actually knows what it means for the market or for them personally.

As an inbound marketing and sales advocate, I would love to see the stigma that comes around inbound marketing to be removed and more of sales people to be taking the opportunity of digitalisation, because one thing that is clear here, is that inbound marketing helps you book meetings and close deals.

And if you are not fully up to date on that, let me explain it in this article.


Through inbound marketing you can receive leads that are qualified, that are interested, that have genuine benefit from the service or product you are selling.

These are the people that read your blogs, that spend a decent amount of time on your company’s page, it is people who press on your ads and scroll down enough to show that they are wondering what your services are all about. These are leads that do not simply close the messenger box on your webpage and actually ask a question.

If your marketing team is doing a good job promoting your web-page, your products, if they are creating content that makes people dig deeper, then you know that the leads that come your way, are coming fast and will be hooked.

The way I write this is suggesting that it is marketing that actually does the biggest part of the job of bringing the leads and that is absolutely right. I write more about it on my articles This is Why Marketing Should Have Commission and 3 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Your Marketing Departmentif you’d like to see more of what’s behind it.

Marketing has all the power to bring leads to the company and it is all thanks to inbound marketing. The only problem is that not all sales people are aware of how to support this process even if they are working against the same goal. That is also the reason why I wrote How To Align Marketing And Sales in another blog post.

Personal brand

Inbound marketing has opened up an opportunity for sales people to get famous. 

Okay, I might be a little exaggerating now. But inbound marketing opened up an opportunity for sales people to create a personal brand that makes them differentiate from others. 

Actually some call it social selling when speaking to sales people, but let’s not go there in this blog post – I will come back to this and other buzzwords later…

Now you can be connecting with all of your potential leads/prospects/partners on LinkedIn, you can remind of yourself through engaging into conversations on Twitter or LinkedIn groups, you can post content that marketing writes for you, but then adapt it and make it seem like yours.

People who are potential buyers of whatever you sell, will see your digital presence and will think of you the next time they try figure out whether they need a similar service or not.

Your prospects can already think that you are an educated professional in your industry because of all the appearances you make online and that will make them more likely to trust you and listen to what you have to say. After we follow people for a while on social media, it feels like we know them a little and that brings us closer.

This opportunity is also a must really. Nobody is going to trust a sloppy LinkedIn profile who only has a picture and the names of the companies they worked for.

The era of inbound marketing gives us tools to be one step ahead of others and it is obvious that the sooner you start to ride this train, the more ahead of others you will be once everybody starts to catch up.

Aggressive tactics

Because you have an opportunity to follow, befriend, target whoever you want, inbound marketing gives you a chance to attract the clients that YOU want to work with.

It could be done as easily as starting to actively engage in their LinkedIn activities, or your marketing team can make sure that the person in interest sees your brand in different forms wherever they go online.

As it is not only the ads they see, but also they see people discussing your services, they notice who are the people that are having these conversations and where they create these discussions, that will make them unconsciously very well aware of you and the service you want to sell.


Inbound marketing opened up opportunities where you get closer to your potential client like never before.

To sales people, it sometimes sounds intimidating, but only because we do not know how exactly can marketing bring value to us and how can they support us.

What is important to remember, is that it does not have to be complicated, not as long we are working together with marketing and they do the job that they are best at, while we still concentrate on actual direct selling.

Do not let your social media be dull, talk to your marketer colleagues and figure out how to build your personal brand step by step.

Empower them to bring majority of the leads to the company, work together to reach synergy in inbound marketing.

And do it now, because the longer you wait, the bigger difference you will have to overcome once every company is finally going to be up to date, running their inbound marketing activities full speed.


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