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How To Inspire Your Prospect For A Change

People hate change

Change is faced everywhere in sales.

Whether you are selling a new machinery that requires to take on a new technology or your service is having people redesign their processes in the biggest revenue bringing departments.

PEOPLE HATE CHANGE (or – everyone loves it – as long as THEY don’t need to change.)

And that is what sales people deal with every day. However, I prepared a list of things to do if you want to be able to inspire anyone for change, no matter how difficult it is.

1. Become comfortable with resistance

First of all you need to understand that dealing with people whose initial reaction is “I’m not sure whether I want this” in every form there is, will be a part of your day FOREVER. Well, as long as you choose to work in sales or any other change related area.

That reaction is completely normal. A puppy will first sniff his food before he eats it. You will never be mad about that, right?

Cause he needs to figure out what it is before he eats it. Same with us humans.

When you come into the room, expecting that your prospect will have doubts, questions and the need inside to question what you are offering, it will give you the power rather than the opposite.

It does not surprise you and therefore is a comfortable state for you. If anything, you applaud your client for being right to have concerns as you truly care for their best interest and want to feel good about buying what you are offering.

2. Know your topic in and out

Even though your client is right to challenge you, you should not feel like you need to prove something.

What is better – you need to show them where they are and why is it that they need what you are offering.

And this is why you must know what you are talking about above and beyond. Because that is the part of their puzzle that you will be filling in.

You have to come in knowing everything an outsider can know about their company and also have a good imagination how your service can improve their life. Research their industry, trends and competition.

3. Start with the mindset that your client is wrong

Asking the right questions and listening with attention is your key. Another thing you must remember – they are not telling you the whole truth and most likely they do not know it themselves.

And you can’t get to the truth of where they are, unless YOU ALREADY KNOW that they are missing some parts of the puzzle.

If you already know that your client is probably wrong in what they think they need – you will be eager to question their reality and fill them in with the information they are lacking.

It does not mean that your client doesn’t know their business or that they are not as smart as you, it is just pure reality – you can’t have all the information about everything that involves running even your own business.

4. Figure out what are their biggest pains

If you come in already knowing that the way they portray themselves is most likely missing something, you will take the time to dig deeper and see where the problems are truly rising from.

You must keep genuine interest and curiosity here, dig so deep the client truly opens their cards.

I wrote about one of my biggest clients and how I sold my services to them in “My Personal Example Of Creating Urgency” and I showed there how even though my prospect invited me for help with their tool (HubSpot), I ended up working with their whole marketing department.

And that is because I dug deep enough to realise their biggest problem wasn’t missing skills in using HubSpot, but it was not having the right conversations deep in the departments.

5. Show them their biggest fears

Your literal responsibility here is to paint a picture where their problem doesn’t disappear. Where it escalates and makes them regret not doing something earlier.

You do it by figuring out what their biggest problem is and then showing them that it has consequences.

In my article “Urgency – Are You An Elite Seller” I wrote about how you can take the conversation there with their own words.

6. Show them what could it be if they went through the change

And this is the best part. After you have figured your prospect’s problems and fears, show them that it is solvable and could be done with your help or someone else’s.

While you already understand them really well and going through the whole getting naked process again sounds truly complicated, they still choose you.

This is the step where expecting them to resist and knowing your service really well comes in handy.

You will remind your client of the solutions to their problems by elaborating on your experience with similar clients, clear steps of fighting their situation and how it will benefit them at the end.

You will take care of their fears.

And that is it.


You can’t make your client to change but you can inspire them for a change through demonstrating your knowledge in your field, not being afraid of confrontation and taking the leading role when figuring out their situation.

Once you know the core of your client’s problems, you can show them what happens if they don’t act on it and what could be the wins if they did.

No sane person will want to eventually starve. And that is what avoiding change would do. Good thing they have you to help them out.

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