How to create urgency in sales (click here if you want to read more than a case study)

There’s a client that we have been working with for the last two years now.

At first, I was invited to a meeting because their marketing department had just bought HubSpot and were trying to understand how to take advantage of the platform.

During our meeting the marketing manager said that their goal is to find 7500 new leads next year.

In order to understand whether there is anything I could truly help with in the company and to get the full picture of how they should be bringing in the leads, I started to ask questions.

The conversation looked like this:

How are you aligned with sales in the company (it is my specialty after all)?

It’s okay, could be better.

But the leads will be generated for sales, right?


Where did the number come from then?

My boss. I don’t know where she got it from.

How many of those leads are you planning to close?

I don’t know.

Is it going to be good leads or bad leads?

I don’t really know.

Would your boss be happier if you found 150 good leads or 7500 crappy leads? How many leads are you bringing in now?

Around 400-600 leads.

Are they good leads?

Not the best leads right now.

What will your sales department tell you if you bring in 7500 crappy leads to them? They’re going to be furious with you and won’t ever work with you again.

She then asked me: “So if I reach my current goal, it’s going to be really bad, right?”

And I nodded together with a firm YES.

She then asked me what should she do, and I directed her to go to her boss, ask what kind of leads she wants and generally come to an agreement of what a good lead really is.

The marketing manager left the meeting with the following thoughts: “This is worse than I thought”.

The next time I was called into a meeting by her and her boss.

She then asked me to help define the leads, build the processes and learn how to bring in leads efficiently, while working together with their sales department.

In this example, I found their hard spots, their recent investment was a perfect set up that also established urgency in the picture.

And I used them to create the emotion and show them there is a way my expertise will help, as I already guided them in the right direction for free.

This is an example of how you create urgency through making your prospect feel really bad and then providing them with a solution if they buy what you sell.

I wrote a whole other article on how to create urgency at “Urgency – Are You An Elite Seller”, where I share more examples!


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