Easier prospecting

Prospecting can be time consuming, but I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

But firstly, I’m not sponsored by neither one of the tools I mention in the article, I solely tell you the names, so you have a solid reference.

These are some things that you can be using right now and if you’re not, you really should, because it will bring your prospecting and efficiency to the next level.

1. Track everything that is related to your emails

I don’t really care what CRM you are using, but in my opinion HubSpot is the best option for most clients I meet. However, I’m sure you can find similar features on different platforms.

The features YOU MUST use right now are:

  • Follow who opened your emails

  • Track whether they downloaded your files and opened your links

More often than not, a real conversation will interest the prospect much more than just a scroll in the website, so if you are alerted when they clicked on the link, you can make the call a moment after while prospecting.

2. Follow your lead’s activity on your website and personalise accordingly

See how far they scrolled down, where they clicked and what pages they visited, how much time did they spend on any specific topic?

This lets you know what services they’re interested in and while prospecting, it gives you a chance to prepare the pitch exactly according to their needs.

Combine 1 and 2, and you have a setup for a powerful call right there.

3. Video call your prospect

There are a few reasons why you should send videos while prospecting.

  • If your prospect has been avoiding your calls
  • If you want a bold move
  • If you want to stand out
  • If you already have a relationship with the prospect
  • If you need to explain something
  • If you’re trying to create a deeper relationship

All these reasons are there to encourage you to actually show your face to your prospect.

Vidyard is the app I would recommend, but really you can do it on different platforms. Just record a video with a call to action at the end and send it. Wait for the reaction!

4. Engage in your prospect’s social media before the call or public appearance

LinkedIn, Twitter – appropriate ways to approach your prospect, letting them know you’re interested in them.

Instagram – only if the account is not private and they post content that is directed to public. You don’t want to be commenting under their family pictures before they actually know you.

However, you can like their article or check what they’ve been reading and liking themselves. Could be a good conversation starter.

You can also use Dux Soup to automatically visit profile pages of a lot of your prospects, so you don’t have to do it individually, but they get to see you as one of the people who visited.

It’s good to have a name they’ve heard or a face they feel like they’ve seen before, especially if you plan on meeting at an event.

5. Find out which technologies your prospect’s company is using

There are apps like Datanyze that allow you to get information on what technology your prospect’s company is using at current time.

It can send you alerts once they make changes and it can be extremely useful to filter a specific group you are after if you sell technologies yourself and working on prospecting.

Datanyze can also scan their website and tell you what technology the website is using itself.

However, don’t overwhelm yourself with tools

It is crucial you only use the tools that are as integrated as possible. Make a good research before introducing tools to your colleagues or the CEO, otherwise prospecting or any other work will become exhausting.

People use tons of time if they do each of the things mentioned all on different apps.

Try to have a CRM that would allow you to get access to social media, calls, emails and would let you track it all.

If you use more than 10 tools, you know it’s over the top, if it’s over 6, you might still need to see whether any changes are possible.

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