A follow up is a crucial part of communication, don’t you think?

“Hey, I just wanted to check in”, you wrote politely to one of your prospects.

Just as 20 other people did offering their services today.

Damn, the prospect is most likely so flattered that we’re all giving them the attention, aren’t they?


What I’m sharing here in this article is something that has completely changed the follow up game for me and I know will work for you.

What is the chance that something has actually changed since you last talked to your prospect?

When checking in, do we hope that this time they will actually have taken the time to reflect, think, discuss, put all that effort to now have the answer whether they want our services or not?

Honestly, if they have done that and the conclusion is beneficial to me, I would have received a call myself. If not, my check in IS A WASTE OF THEIR TIME.

Should I just wait for the call, you say?

Of course not. If the prospect thinks that they don’t need your services, they are not necessarily right about that. You might actually know better.

In fact, I hope that you know better and that is why you are approaching the prospect in the first place.

When following up, majority of the people simply call their prospect for the fourth or the fifth time, asking them the same questions and hope for the best.

That something has magically changed for their sake.

However, what such check ins do, they simply remind potential prospects that you exist, but do not bring a positive feeling, value or help to build a relationship.

Then what am I supposed to do?

Well, first of all, stop being like everybody else.

Stop checking in, making meaningless calls and emails.

Instead, make sure every single contact you make with your prospect, is bringing value to them. Make your follow ups exciting to receive.

How do I bring value in a follow up?

Before you make another contact, ask yourself:

  1. What does my prospect need in order to make their business better today?
  2. Who do they need to meet that I know?
  3. How can my knowledge be valuable to them even if it is not directly related to what I am selling?
  4. What article, book, author or a conference could be great for them at this point in their business?

Once you get an answer to at least one of these questions, then you should make a contact.

IT IS A LOT OF WORK! You might think.

Well, yes!

Prospecting, nurturing your potential clients IS A LOT OF WORK.

One could even say it is a crazy amount of work if you are contacting people who have low chances of ever buying your services.

Before you do this, make sure you target the right people!

I wrote in my article of 3 Things You Need To Do When Prospecting, how purposeful targeting is CRUCIAL. And the only way to actually scale up your sales.

Because no matter how hard you try to put value in your contacting or how many calls you do, if it is the wrong people, it will not increase your revenue.

If you need help in finding the right people, check out my article on 7 Sales Tools You Will Actually Use, to support you in making perfect targeting.

What will this bring to me?

Well, first of all, money.

Then goes the meaningful business relationships, personal branding, referrals, you will be known AS AN ADVISOR, not just another sales rep.

If you lack ideas on how exactly can your follow ups become exciting, read my article on If you need some inspiration, check out my article on 9 Ways To Follow Up, Stand Out And Provide Value. It will definitely give you a kick you might need.


We must stop expecting our prospects to react differently, when we are the ones not changing our approach.

When I work, I want to be different.

In sales, we must bring value, be advisors and not just sales reps.

This is what has been bringing me the relationships that I needed to scale up my sales and my personal brand visible. I know it will work for you too!

Make your prospect feel thankful after you contacted them.

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