The customer is always wrong!

Now that just made things a little awkward, didn’t it?

We’ve been told since the day we went to our first store that as customers we have to be treated as all-knowing and that when we provide a service, our client is always right.

Obviously, if you have worked in any customer service related role, you soon found out that the customer is not always right and they do not necessarily even know what they need, but it always felt like we are not in a position to tell them the truth.

Well, the times have changed.

Why doesn’t the customer know what they need?

First of all, it is because it is very hard to see the full picture when you have a lot on your plate.

Our clients often can think they know that they need a new CRM system however a longer conversation might show that they actually are struggling with booking meetings not because their current systems are inefficient, but because they have a poor responsibility division in the team and are not capitalizing on the strengths of each team mate.

Change CRM into another product and you can find a number of such situation examples.

It is hard for people who have been running their business for years to notice their problems while they are surrounded by 20 other struggles going on and the full picture seems blurry.

We all are masters of everything

Do you know the feeling when you have a headache couple of days in a row, then you start googling and suddenly all the other symptoms of brain tumor seem to appear?

If a client thinks they need a certain product, they will go towards finding reasoning behind it. And they will find a number of reasons to prove it to themselves that this will be their solution while I bet that you could find a more effective way of solving their issues.

We have all gone the self-diagnosing road and that is why we need professionals to advise us before making any difficult decisions.

Should you tell your client if they are wrong?

You definitely should. However, it must come from a place of wanting to help and not simply prove that they need your service.

I spoke even more about constantly building value in my article on What Is A Value Message And Why Is It Important To Sales People.

People would not discuss with the sales rep if they knew what exactly they needed. They might be a bit proud to say that, but they need your help and that is how a good sales rep is distinguished from basic sales people.

Your responsibility is to let your client step back and see what is the full situation of their business.

Consult them on what is related to your product, help them to get all the pieces of the puzzle, figure out together what is their core problem, what are the possible solutions to the problem and how could your product be helping them.

  • Core problem
  • Possible solutions
  • Your solution is the most convenient at the time

The way you position yourself throughout the whole process, will determine whether out of all of the solutions, they will still want to stick with yours.

If you are doing it from a place of wanting to help, you already established trust and supported them in finding out the core problem and multiple ways of making their business thrive.

Letting them see all the possible ways they could improve might be scary, but if you are doing it in a way they truly see your concern and a clear way of helping, they will stick with you as you are already there and the process has already started.


Your client does not have the full picture and it is okay. That is why they come to you with a need to discuss their decision of buying a certain service.

It is your responsibility to help them find all of the pieces of the puzzle.

  • Help them to take a step back
  • Analyze their current situation

  • Figure out the core problems

  • Discuss potential solutions
  • Present your service as one of the best ways to solve their issues

You tell them when they are wrong and point out the right way.

That is how a perfect sale is done.


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