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This Is The Gift Your Client Wants

A change maker might not be what you think of when you meet a sales rep.

As a sales rep, you can do a few things – provide information about your product, prove why your product is what the client needs or sell the idea of how the product can change your client’s life.

And this is what I want to talk about in today’s blogpost.

Change is something that makes me excited, because it’s the best gift you can give to your client.

You can be a change maker as a sales rep

When your clients come to you or when you come to them, you are there for the same reason – to improve your client’s business.

And that’s what I’ve also been preaching in “What Is A Trusted Sales Advisor And How Can You Become One”.

You are there to advise and inspire for a positive change. Even though the change can feel challenging and hard.

Come with the mindset to challenge

If you want to bring value by being the change maker, walk into your client’s office with confidence that you know they are lacking information to paint the big picture.

Remember that if your clients already had the big picture and knew exactly what they needed to happen – they would never call you.

You are there because they need help! And this is what it’s all about – supporting and helping you clients to reach their goals!

I expanded this thought here: “How To Inspire Your Prospect For A Change”.

If you already know that they’re not 100% right in terms of what would be best for them, you’ll take bolder decisions, ask more challenging questions and will help to get the real core problems and solutions out in the open.

People have to be asked difficult questions and challenged in their answers, otherwise the core problems will stay covered.

Come well prepared

If you came in with the mindset to challenge, but not prepared to back up your confidence, you would fail.

Therefore, when you go in as a change maker, you need to know everything there is available on your client’s company, their industry, and their competition.

Pull out statistics, talk to professionals in the field, visit their events, find out what their common problems are and what solutions they’ve applied to similar problems. What has worked and what has not?

Come into that room as if you were one of their own, speaking the same lingo, understanding the reality and knowing as much about their company as there is to know. You actually might need to know more about the industry than the customer does.

Such preparation would impress anyone and most importantly, will make your client more confident in your value building skills.

Remember what is most important

If you meet a potential client and 10 minutes into the conversation you realise they’re not ready to buy – don’t just walk away.

You came there to bring change, so do it even if you don’t sell your product.

Make the best out of the 50 minutes left to understand, consult and help out.

If you’ve already met someone in person, make the time to still be a part of bringing change to their business.

Once you made the effort to help them, another time they hear about someone else needing your product or need it themselves, they will call you.

Be an advisor, a consultant, a change maker

Businesses invite you to bring in a new perspectives, even if it is more difficult than they expect.

Your job offers an incredible opportunity to go in, find their problems as a third party, help them become better and leave when they can do it on their own.

It’s a little bit like being a doctor but in business.

That is why you should never allow yourself fall into the hole of just presenting a product or even a solution.

Leave a positive change in your client’s career as a change maker does.

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