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This Is Why I’m Not Afraid Of Failing

Failing was promised, but not guaranteed

Fall of 2010.. I had just started working for myself. I had a kid, a wife to take care of, food to put on the table and rent to pay. I also did not have enough clients to cover it all.

This was when the bolts started spinning, when I felt like it all depended on me.

And so I worked harder than before and I got more clients. By prospecting for the right fit of clients who would benefit from my services, I booked a lot of meetings and eventually got a few consulting gigs to start off with. This was the start of my entrepreneurial career where I’ve had a lot of ups and downs.

You see, when you’re on your own you sell time and if you get fully booked you don’t have the time to find the new assignments.

When the current assignment ends you fall into a period of no money, a lot of hunting for new business and eventually you get back to delivering. The life of a solo entrepreneur.

I didn’t always feel ready

I started my “career” by selling cleaning supplies on the phone. I moved up selling pens and notebooks door to door and then moving into B2B from small companies to those that had their offices all around the world.

At some point I decided that I didn’t want to work for anybody else, because the way I could do sales was better than what my boss told me to do.

Later it became my mission to teach people how to be better at bringing in revenue to their companies and it’s been amazing.

However, tons of times I heard the possibility of failing breathing into my back.

We learn to doubt ourselves, but maybe it’s time to unlearn it?

When I said I could do sales better, my mom pushed me to stick with a stable job, my dad had never understood what I was doing. To this day they probably just know that I have something of my own and well, now they know that I’m doing good.

But then they were quick to question my choices.

And there have been tons of times in my life when I also had doubted myself because others did.

However, the times when I felt like it was becoming hard, have always been the times when I did better. When I did something extra.

I was a sales guy, this was what I did. So I went and got myself those damn clients.

I love to work under pressure

When I know that there is something at stake, I love to push my boundaries. It’s probably why I’m not afraid of challenging my clients. Because I know that I am confident it’s for the best.

I don’t have the time to doubt my every word or step and I simply go for the opportunities that are in front of me.

Because I know that the skills I have and the way I am, will always help me, whatever happens in my work life. I believe in them because they prove to be powerful again and again.

I know that if my company fails, there will be another one that I can build. Or there will be lessons that will teach me. Or there will always be someone else I can work for.

There are always options if you are good at what you do and are ready to put in the work!

Why do your doubts still win?

Is it the voices of your parents that are afraid of the “dangers of the world”? Or is it the syndrome of taking the “normal” path that allows you to have a decent boss and slowly pay your mortgage, still dreaming about that perfect vacation when you’re 60?

Weren’t there times that you surprised yourself with how great you are?

You too should trust yourself

When did you perform the best in your life? Is it possible to recreate those situations or circumstances?

Holding on to the moments you were the proudest should become crucial. Not the moments when you failed or were struggling.

The situations when I feel pressured are the ones that excite me and that is my way to do life. I challenge my clients to challenge me.

I’m a bit weird in that case, because I mean – who wants to be under pressure to be able to deliver their best. But this is the way I function – and it has helped me and will help me while moving forward.

When do you thrive?

I’d love to hear it in the comments.

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