Oliver provides Individual Coaching for Entrepreneurs who seek to grow their quality client base faster and build a successful sales organisation.


Oliver is an investor and owner of two companies. 20 years of experience in sales and business has taught him how to effectively organise a business and a sales organisation within.

Through coaching he will open the challenging conversations one must have in order to reach their goals as well as will provide guidance and direction towards efficient business management.

Does this sound like you?
  • Don’t know how to organise your sales process?
  • Need to learn how to scale your business?
  • Are your sales efforts not bringing enough revenue?
180 USD/1h

“I engaged Oliver to speak to my sales team and to even provide coaching for a time. We obtained tools and methods for becoming even more relevant in interacting with our customers. Oliver’s strength is in the combination of understanding how the new digital technologies affect sales but without abandoning traditional techniques. Both Oliver and I are convinced that the telephone is still the most important tool in sales. I would recommend Oliver as a lecturer/coach to those sales organizations that want to understand what works today and in the future when it comes to sales.”
Håkan Palmbäck



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