20 Years Of Experience Investor and Owner of Sales & Marketing Businesses

20 years ago, Oliver Lopez started out as a telephone sales rep and now he’s an owner and investor in three companies.

Oliver built his career, specialising in sales of complex IT services for global companies, his clients have included companies such as COLT Telecom, Worldcom and TDC, as well as specialty companies in online marketing.

A Salesman That Understands The Value Of Marketing

Oliver is a three time speaker at INBOUND, he’s done keynotes at The Sales Conference, HubSpot events and has now facilitated countless workshops.

Oliver’s company StructSales now leads clients to successful transformation while optimising their sales. He connects sales and marketing so they function as a modern unit and establishes a well rounded sales department focused on value-based selling.
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European Office

Tollarevägen 71, 132 49 Nacka, Sweden

US Office

1250 Broadway, 36th Floor, New York City, New York, 10001

Call: +46 767 83 64 00

    Oliver is an active co-owner and founder of the company LeadLabs, which helps B2B organisations with advertisement solutions such as Google Adwords, LinkedIn and Facebook. In his own company, Oliver Lopez Industries, Oliver provides keynotes in sales and marketing.

    “Oliver’s keynotes provide concrete tips and tools for suppliers in dealing with a world in perpetual change. The words insight and value-creating frequently come up.

    I can recommend Oliver as a speaker for larger kick-offs or events for sales and marketing organizations that want to be at the leading edge when it comes to how one best combines the digital with the traditional.”
    Mia Martinsson

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